I have three paintings of my dogs by Christine MacClintic and they are all amazing.  Whether you have one

done for yourself or a gift (which will bring tears of joy) it will be the most cherished painting in your home.

And as dogs pass on having the painting brings much comfort to see their faces so alive and happy.  I just adopted another Rescue dog from South Carolina and am having her painted too, of course.

 - Julia R

Over the years, I found that I like to capture the image and personality of each of my dogs while they are young and in their prime. I am able to enjoy the artistry of the piece while my pups are still with me and it keeps the happy memories flowing once they have passed. I was lucky enough to have been gifted a portrait by Christine MacClintic, of my current dog, Spencer. She was naturally at ease being around my dog and he must have enjoyed spending time with her. She was able to get a great photo to use for the painting and captured the ‘classic’ look that I know so well in my dog (I thought he saved that look just for me!). Christine speaks of capturing the soul of the animals she paints by focusing on their eyes and getting them perfect. Well, she must be on to something because she was able to capture his gentle but curious soul so perfectly. When I look into the eyes, I feel just like I do when I am with my dog. She was able to create not only a true work of art, but also a remarkable portrait of my dog that will always warm my heart.

- Ann H.

I was gifted a beautiful painting by an anonymous someone who commissioned Christine MacClintic to paint a portrait of my service dog. Seeing the painting for the first time brought tears to my eyes, as she captured not just his appearance but his soul through the depth of his eyes. The eyes are what makes it and you can see it in all of her work. This painting will be cherished forever, especially when the time comes that my best friend is no longer here. 

- Amy R

I had been searching the Internet for the last few years for a painter to complete a portrait of our magnificent golden, Gabriel. Little did I know that she lived and painted in my own hometown of Suffield, Connecticut. I had contacted Christine in the spring to commission a portrait long before we knew Gabriel was ill.  After sending her a series of photos, we narrowed it down to his strong profile image. Christine captured his brave and noble spirit. It is as if she knew him. From the textures in his fur, to the color of his eyes; it is him! It’s as if Gabriel has been returned to us, to mend our hearts and be forever vigilant in watching over us. Christine has a perfect blend of exquisite talent, and a love for her subjects. She understood how important it was to us to have a piece that reflects the soul of our cherished family member. Thank you, Christine.

- Gail B-D

I was able to give a gift to my mother that she will always cherish thanks to, Christine. I could not have pictured a more remarkable portrait of one of my mother’s beloved rescued golden retrievers, Cooper.  Christine captured his happy, goofy personality beyond expectations. Cooper left us suddenly and unexpectedly and his portrait brings back warm memories each time my mother sees his picture. My fiancé and I look forward to picking up the portrait of his parents’ dog, Blue, and seeing the same joy on their faces as we were able to see on my mother’s. Thank you, Christine!!

- Julia B


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